Sidekicking up in PVE removed

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Sidekicking up in PVE removed

Postby Gelisob » 15:08, 12 Apr 2012

some news.. guildwars 2 removes sidekicking up'i pve's, ei saa enam võtta kaasa lowbiet highlvl instasse vms.

One thing to note is that, earlier we talked about how we were going allow players to sidekick up in level we actually don’t have that functionality in the game and the reason we don’t have it is because when we were going through the game we thought one of the really important moments in the game was kind of that moment where you ran into something and you weren’t quite powerful enough to overcome it, or skilled enough to overcome it, and we wanted to give people the ability to kind of be able to build their character in such a way that you could by those moments instead of just bypassing them by getting artificially side kicked up a level. And so we don’t have side kicking up anymore in the game anymore except for in WvW. So if you want to think of how our dynamic level adjustment works is that it automatically happens downwards in PvE and automatically happens upwards in WvW. And competitive PvP obviously you get set to equal level everybody. So that’s kind of how that works now.

nii et allapoole saab seltsi tulla aga nubit higher pve contenti kaasa tõmmata ei saa
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Re: Sidekicking up in PVE removed

Postby Suhktuhkur » 18:57, 13 Apr 2012

Igati põhjendatud muudatus. ;)
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